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Smoking is a very dangerous habit and can become the cause of several life threatening diseases. The habit of smoking is constantly on the rise and its graph has never been observed to go down. A lot of teenagers have started smoking as well and while some do it to show off, others do it to relieve stress. No matter what the reason and age be, smoking remains hazardous for all. It is like slow poison whose real damage is can only be realized when it is too late.

Ladies nowadays are chain smokers too and this habit can cause quite a many complications when they reach the stage of being pregnant as it becomes very difficult for them to get rid of the addiction and they end up being frustrated and moody. It is strictly advised to pregnant women not to smoke during pregnancy as it may cause several harmful effects to the baby. Smoking raises the carbon monoxide levels in the blood and nicotine causes the blood vessels to contract as a result of which the oxygen supply to the baby is restricted. The various chemicals comprising the cigarettes may cause birth defects as well as low birth weights.

Smoking is so hazardous for unborn babies that doctors advise pregnant ladies to even avoid second hand smoke as it may cause lung damage and other infections.

It is therefore advisable to pregnant women to find this time of their lives as a golden opportunity to quit smoking in order to avoid guilt in future in case their child is born defective.

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