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Sample Essay

Employee turnover is another problem. Many choose to leave for other companies and prefer not to stay engaged in work for Smithfield Foods for too long based on a reputation of not being dealt with fairly when it comes to workforce problems (Maher, 2007).

High turnover can be costly as it requires continuous hiring process to be run by the HR department and screen workers who may not always be in accordance with the culture of the company. Previous training may not provide benefit to the company as the employee will have moved on. Furthermore, it is a sign of depleted motivation levels, bringing into question the commitment of the company to work with employees as stated in the goals of the organization.

The final problem that has emerged relates to wages. They have been reported to be very low even by industry standards in an attempt to cut costs (Maher, 2007). Such problems are rampant in the foreign plants of Smithfield Foods especially.

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