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Sample Essay – Environmental Consequences of BASF

The establishment of the plant and the import of toxic waste pose some risks for the community. To begin with, the plant may release hazardous fluids and gases into the atmosphere, thereby affecting the health of the citizens and also harming the eco-equilibrium of Vigo County.

There may also not be enough protection for the toxic waste which may seep through into the region’s water supply, affecting the health of many and raising the costs of healthcare for the local administration in the future. There is also the inherent danger from transportation of the hazardous waste into Vigo County which could spill over in accidents and effect passersby as well.

Most of these threats ensue from a lack of guarantee with regard to toxic materials and how well they could be handled. Furthermore, the report that was given by a professor at the local university highlights the presence of lead and aluminum in the toxic materials which can not be disposed via incineration and would surely harm the land and the atmosphere in the long term.

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