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Environmental issues unlike political issues are not restricted to boundaries. They are global issues and every country faces it. It requires everyone’s attention and unless making across the globe joins hands to find viable solutions to the various environmental issues, life on earth can face dire consequences.

Environmental issues are growing in number and are like a chain reaction. One issue gives rise to another one and effective measures need to be taken before the chain gets out of control. Rapid industrialization is increasing the pollution graph which in return is damaging the ozone layer. This is also giving rise to a number of diseases of skin and lungs etc because of the polluted air. Rising temperatures due to uncontrollable pollution are bound to increase the drought and famine rates and a number of deaths are expected due to food and water shortage. Extreme climate conditions may cause sea levels to rise and lands to shrink.

All these problems bear no geographical distinction and pose equal threat to the world on the whole. If and when they happen, the only way to minimize their effects would be for nation to join hands, cooperate with each other and find joint solutions. Countries should share the research of their scientists with each other, exchange solutions and possible equipments to implement those solutions.

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