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A lot of people are not familiar with what euthanasia is all about. Its other name is mercy killing and it involves ending the life of someone intentionally in order for him to get rid of some serious illness or incurable disease or unbearable lengthy suffering.

Al lot of debate has been going on since long on whether euthanasia or mercy killing is ethically the right way to deal with long and never ending sufferings of people. Some oppose it while others are in its favor. Those who oppose this idea have a major reason of it being misused to kill people unnecessarily. Suicide rates are also likely to increase if this practice is legally accepted. Also comes here the religious belief of some people that since God created us, we should also be dying on the time that he has fixed for us and shouldn’t take death in our hands. Psychologists believe that if this option of dying is made common and legalized, it would unconsciously dampen the will to survive among the sufferers of various illnesses. They would always have in mind the option of dying in case things become unbearable and hence, the courage to fight against illnesses and the willingness to survive will get severely affected.

The number of people supporting Euthanasia is huge too. The major reason behind it is the often unbearable and never ending suffering that comes to those suffering from serious illnesses particularly old people. The older generations having spent their lives have no aim left to live. Life often becomes a burden for them particularly if an incurable illness joins in and hence the choice of having to end their lives seems like a blessing.

at the end of the day, it is a matter of personal choice for each individual and any one who desires to die for logical reasons, should not be stopped.

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