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When it comes to accommodation, the University of Bradford has again focused specially on postgraduate and international students. The University has specific halls of residence which are dedicated for its students. Amongst these the University has specially designed and allotted 300 places for the postgraduate students which are self catered. Aside from this the international students are all provided accommodation along with their acceptance and confirmation of a seat in the University therefore providing them with accommodation assistance. The rooms for the international students are specifically assigned in multicultural and diverse ethnic groupings as the University has determined that it helps the international students to bond and mingle as well as interact with people of different cultures including the residents of the UK.

As mentioned earlier the University has about 22 percent strength of international students, last recorded in 2007 and in order to increase this strength the University has enrolled and established international student ambassadors from different countries who provide the new entering undergraduate as well as postgraduate international students to settle to the university life in the University of Bradford.

Through the analysis of the services provided by the University of Bradford to its students it was also determined that the University has recently launched an online interface called THE HUB which is the location of the universities international office. This is a virtual assistance website/ interface through which international as well as current new and local students can log ion and access support and help pertaining to admissions, accommodation, course enquiries, financial transactions like paying for accommodation, tuition as well as other charges and accessing information and support pertain to Visa and immigration.

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