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Sample Essay

The process of human life is incomplete without crises being part of it. Nature always operates on the principle of balance and neutrality and hence all positive and constructive aspects of life are always balanced out and complemented by crises and disasters of various levels. Be it the death of a loved one, failure in some task or financial worries, one can’t avoid such scenarios and the most brave of all solutions is to stand in the face of the problem and keep the faith of making through it intact.

The most outright consequence of one of the most inevitable and highest of the emotionally damaging crises i.e. the death of a closed one is depression.  The feeling of attachment combined with the realization that you can’t ever again be with the one you lost results in sheer depression and shattered state of mind. According to Psychologists, this can most effectively be helped with counseling and faith-based psychotherapy. Faith-based psychotherapy incorporates an element of divinity and is defined as the manner of turning into God for direction. Turning into God doesn’t necessarily mean giving Biblical references or a spiritual perspective but just to give people undergoing crises more reasons to move on with their lives. Therapists can dig deep down and make people talk and think about all the happy experiences of their lives which can eventually alter their mental state for the better.  On the contrary, involving God and taking strength from Him to solve and face the crises and tough times in life and to remember Him in good and bad times can also be an alternate method in faith-based psychotherapy. Hence this technique of faith-based psychotherapy is being used effectively at different levels to help individuals deal with crises.

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