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Sample Essay

Considering a country like Iran, the pressure to see it stop its nuclear proliferation programs by the US has been ignored (Russel and Leone, 2002, p. 29). The country has gone ahead to implement its nuclear power plants amid the US intervention to stop this. Cuba on the other hand has resoundingly rejected the US attempts to interfere with its sovereignty with Sudan and Libya remaining objective to the US calls to engage them in fighting terrorism. Terror attacks have continued especially in countries perceived to be US allies in Africa such as Kenya and Tanzania and to make matters worse the existence of militant groups such as Al-Shaabab in Somalia (33). Sanctioned countries can now revert to their allies and secretly obtain whatever they want through then. A good example is Sanctions against the recently ousted Ivory Coast’s Gbagbo, which lead to massive smuggling of cocoa through Ghana therefore sustaining running of the illegal government yet it was under international pressure to quit.

This shows that primary goals of the US foreign policies are hardly met in many targets in modern world and if not so, there are always attempts to achieve this by force leading to wanton destruction of lives and properties. It therefore calls for revision of most modern foreign policies targeting  different nations as their effectiveness in today’s world is questionable. Formulation and application of these policies in the same traditional patterns is not matching with current situations and can be said to be ineffective compared to past policy application.

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