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This strategy has the specific benefits of improving the quality of the healthcare in the sector, reduce the many medical errors which currently take place by identifying harmful medicines and procedures, reduce the costs associated with health care by eliminating duplication of services and procedures, increase the administrative efficiency of the sector as well as decrease the amount of paperwork which will all contribute towards making healthcare more feasible and affordable for the general public.

The second strategy that is discussed in the article for the incorporation of the information technology into the healthcare reform pertains to the implementation of the concept of use of closed loop prescriptions which can standardize the medical order entry procedure and system to a great extent specially in the case of the outpatient treatment. The characteristic of this system would be that with the use of the IT in this through this strategy in the healthcare sector the right kind of drug and treatment can be prescribed to the right patients. The author provides that technologies such as decision support systems and clinical medical information systems can be integrated to form computerized physician order systems which can reduce the need for massive administrative and first end medical human resource while making the process of obtaining medical assistance and treatment very accessible and feasible for the general public.

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