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The violence on media took on full force in the 1960s and 70s when rebelliousness was considered to be a trend and television shows as well as cartoons depicted themes of violence in car chases, action movies and murderous scenes.

In 1982 “National Institutes of Mental Health study said there’s a clear consensus on link between TV violence and aggression” and in 1984 “American Academy of Paediatrics Task Force on Children and Television cautioned physicians and parents that TV may promote aggression” (‘Landmarks in the Media Violence Debate: Decade by Decade’, 2007). In the 1990s however the majority of shows being aired on the television had violent content in some form or the other which increased the exposure of the youth and the adolescent to violence. Particularly this was the decade when US saw many incidents where teenagers were involved in gun shootings in their schools while on the other hand others depicted high level of aggression, restlessness and violent behaviour at home and at school.

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