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Marrin (para 14) identifies other stakeholders to be the treasury and the department of justice. However, the major intelligence agent in the U.S is the FBI which has investigative powers, an intelligence component and has officers.

Homeland Security Intelligence helps both the government and the citizens. Through the information collected, the government can exercise its power more effectively in the country by making informed choices and taking action where necessary. As a result, the citizens are protected from organized crimes, financial crimes, drugs, terrorism, foreign counterintelligence and violation of their civil rights (Marrin, para 16).

The HSINT is relatively a big deal. Domestic terrorism can be effectively controlled by and effective intelligence while international criminal activities can be curbed through the collaboration of HSINT with international stakeholders. Safety of the citizens is paramount and the sovereignty of our country is imperative. Therefore, the importance of intelligence forces such as HSINT cannot be overlooked.

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