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Sample Essay – HRM and Personnel Management

People often consider human resource management and personnel management to be the same thing labelled in different words. However both are significantly different in terms of their approach, their scope and their philosophy in management. The personal management is an approach of managing the employees of the organization through administration. The main tasks that are involved in personnel management pertain to the managing payroll, and dealing with the employment law. The human resource management approach on the another hand is more broad and applies to managing the human resource at the organization including all the management, employees, staff and even those human resource that regularly come into contact with the organization. The human resource management approach incorporates the development of the human resource through motivation strategies, progressive compensation, training and career counselling. Human resource management involves the continuous development of the human resource and the various functions in the organization.

The case study depicts that the company Axioms is operating with a Personnel Function that is based on personnel management as the department does not currently undertake responsibility for the welfare of the employees in the organization or providing support within the organization. The orientation of the personal function as mentioned in the case study is more broad where it seeks to see the managers of the company as the customers which is somewhat along the lines of humans resource management, however Axioms currently operates with predominantly personnel management objectives and cope.

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