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Performing multiple roles during the crisis gave workers greater knowledge of the operations and more ideas about how to improve the business. Reforms implemented during that time led to 65% reduction in inventories, a marked reduction in product delivery times and a product defects rate that fell to less than 1%. As the business climate improved, Semco’s revenue and profitability improved dramatically. ‘The Semco Way: it is not by chance that unconventional ideas are created at this company. They are created and managed within an open management model, different from conventional models” (‘Smart working How smart is UK PLC? Findings from organisational practice’)

In terms of job design and HR management, there are no career plans or job descriptions depicted in the employee contracts,. The expense records are not approved by anyone and the supervision and monitoring of the workers is also very rare, with the success of the company not being measured in terms of the profitability and the growth of the company. This has resulted in low employee turnover, high motivation amongst the workers and rising markets to which the innovative products are provided.

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