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God is a very intelligent creator. Each of his creations and the precision in their formation and operation is what makes one in awe of the super being. Human mind is another one of the exceptional creations of god and it is sometimes mind boggling to understand how it operates.

Whatever information the human mind gathers is solely facilitated by the sensory organs as information of only those things reaches us that we are able to sense or detect. Additional filtration is done on all the detected information and that is governed by the extent of efficiency in the body’s information delivery system. What gathers and reaches the brain is now thought over by the brain. Thoughts are influenced by emotions and emotions in turn come as a consequence of whatever one has to deal with in life. For instance, if someone is going through a continued tough and challenging time in life, he feels emotionally down, sad or dejected and consequently whatever he thinks is also negative and surrendering.

No concrete way has yet been found with the help of which scientists can understand how humans’ thought process operates. It remains a mystery and the brain remains a complex mystery for the scientists as always.

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