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Sample Essay – Over Humanized Working Climate

The overhumanized working climate, on the other hand, focuses on undue preoccupations with human relations. Unlike dehumanized working conditions, the basic assumptions of this type of working climate are that conflicts and tensions should be reduced at all costs and that human relations are more vital than the organization’s objectives (Moore, 2007).

The leaders in this situation often emphasize individual needs more than organizational ones. This kind of working climate is not the best, especially for the nursing profession.

Leaders need to take on the responsibility of guiding the members of staff in hospitals. Allowing the members of staff to handle responsibilities of their own free will and to make decisions regarding the priorities at the workplace can cause a lot of damage in hospitals.

There will be resultant casualties as the nursing staff chooses to resolve their own personal issues ahead of the organization’s responsibilities. The Staff needs to have an interactive working climate where the leaders issue the instructions, and any questions can follow thereafter.

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