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After the 9/11 terrorist attack, the subsequent 9/11 commission criticized the IC for failing to connect the dots and lacking imagination. According to the office of the Director of National Intelligence (2), there is a daily reception of over 10 terabytes of intelligence information. It is also known that the terrorists try to evade detection. With this knowledge, the IC could then have pieced the information and even predicted the actions of the Al’Qaeda, hence prevent the attacks.

The Weapons of Mass Destruction Committee further criticized the IC for again failing to connect the dots. However, Johnson (324) presents an argument which points to the fact that the IC could have done the analysis and still be convinced that there were no WMDs in Iraq. This was more so because as of September 2002, intelligence analysts believed that Iraq’s weapons programs had been deserted after the 1991 Gulf war. However, the IC could have tried to be updated to the current technologies in Iraq.

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