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Sample Essay

Humor is defined as the perspective of looking at things in an amusing way. Hilarity, jollity, laughter and glee can be some of the various terms complementing humor. It is one of the most important tools of bringing smile, joy and laughter to our lives and life without humor if not dead, would certainly be incomplete. It helps one unwind and is a great stress reliever. This is why we always enjoy the company of people who make others laugh and find a comic element in every matter.

Humor has always been an undoubted and always successful way of entertainment. Movies, novels, shows, music all involve humor to some extent or the other in order to provide maximum entertainment to people and this is the sole reason why comedians at all levels have always been really successful and in demand. Another reason for their success is that although we all like to laugh, only few know how to make someone laugh. Comedians excel at this and that is what creates their enormous demand.

The beauty of humor is that it very beautifully hides all human emotions behind it. This is why it is said that many of the comedians in their daily lives are very somber and often depressed but using such a strong shield as humor magically hides them from the people.

Humor is also a very effective way of teaching. Using amusing examples, light and funny sentences and a jolly way of teaching instantly attracts students’ attention and the lessons penetrate deeper into their minds than the usual conventional ways.

In short, it can be said that humor helps us escape the tensions and stress of our daily hectic lives. It may act like an energy booster when we feel down and low, calms our nerves and reminds that life is better when it’s not taken insanely seriously. At the same time it also teaches us the tolerance to take humor on ourselves too while we laugh at others.

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