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Sample Essay


Validity is about determining whether study findings are really about what they appear to be about (Saunders et al 2003), and is defined as the extent to which data collection method or methods accurately measure what they were intended to measure.  To ensure data validity, this study used a standard data collection tool which was the questionnaire, and it also incorporated questions which were designed to check that the appropriate higher education institutions and individuals provided the information.


Saunders et al (2003) define reliability as the degree to which data collection method or methods will yield consistent findings and that similar observation would be made or conclusions reached by other researchers or there is transparency in how sense was made from the raw data.  The following steps were taken to ensure reliability: the same criteria were used to ensure reliability, the issues and trends affecting the higher education sector in the UK were clearly described.

Content Analysis Plan

Data was collected from various sources, for example, books journals, articles, web sites, reports, surveys, interviews, online discussions and old and new statistical records, so that the author would undertake a conducting and detailed analysis of the data.  Results found on the Internet were matched with the other statistical data present in our survey reports and project reports. The statistical figures, which were found to be comprehensive and accurate, were included in the thesis.  This method of data analysing is best because the probability of getting errors is reduced and the data that was collected was much more diverse and comprehensive covering all aspects of identified by the research aims and objectives.

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