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The increase in the world’s temperature and melted water from glaciers also increases the precipitation process by increasing rainfall and snowfall. The precipitation process is when water that is received from rainfall and the ocean are evaporated into the atmosphere. This affects all creatures’ humans, animals and plants together. Because of the global warming, the hibernation period of animals is decreasing or they are not hibernating at all. The affects of global warming is also leading to the shortening of quantity of animals. The animals migrate to the higher elevations because of the temperature changes, humidity, soil moisture etc.

The foods for the animals are complicated to search and therefore they migrate to the northern areas. It is a prediction that due to the global warming the animal’s natural balance will be broken causing disturbed hibernation and an increase in the dying scale of the animals. The global warming affects the plants in the same manner. Due to the climate change, the plants and different species are exposed to extreme heat levels, causing the breakage in process of photosynthesis, pollination and fertilization.  This directly affects the striking disadvantages to the economical system of any country.  It can be seen how the rise in the temperature of the earth causing the glaciers and polar ice melting can lead to the disturbance in the natural balance and how these impacts can lead to problematic consequences for all of us.

All of the problems given above are increased by the insistence of human beings to continue using the same system of industry which has gotten us here in the first place. We simply don’t want to give up all the comforts this technology has brought us even though we are aware that it is killing our planet and us in the process.

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