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The world no longer seems like a peaceful place. More and more crimes, killings and war like situations are developing across the globe and there seems evident more hate than love. Among the many disagreements that nations and people have with each other which cause them to fight, racism is a rising cause. The term racism can best be defined as “a belief in superiority of a particular race; prejudice based on this” (Oxford 118).

What gives rise to racism is a question that may be answered in several ways. A child who, while growing up has seen people around him treating some other race with bias is likely to adopt the same views and behaviors towards them. Friends and teachers can also play a vital role in establishing the same as major time of a child is spent with them after family. The role of media cannot be ignored here as television and its various shows are very effective in influencing people’s thoughts.

The consequences of racism are diverse. They can be as conventional as hatred for the other race, not talking to their members and can also get as serious as ending up in a murder. It is said that hatred is a very powerful emotion-sometimes even more powerful than love and it often gets the worse of people at times. There have been several cases of murder based on racism. “March 16. The Jewish Community Center in Nashville, Tennessee, is dynamited (Altchiller 29).

Increasing racism indicates only to one point; we as people are becoming more and more intolerant with time and are not ready to accept other’s opinions. The best way to avoid racism is to spread the message of love and this task should be the prime objective of parents, school teachers and religious preachers.

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