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ING (International Netherlands Group), a company of Dutch origins, has more than 150 years to its credit, with an impressive portfolio that boasts over 120,000 employees and provides services to customers that come from a wide array of backgrounds.

It caters to the needs of not only multinationals and major corporations, but also extends its services to the likes of small and medium businesses, governments, families and even individuals. It has been ranked as one of the top ten firms in all of Europe with a repute that it provides services that include the diverse variety of banking practices (wholesale, retail and direct banking) along with insurance facilities as well as asset management services spread over a web of fifty and more countries. At the current moment, the business has had a fruitful tenure in the corporate world. It has been successful and is doing well as far as expansion and conquering of the market share is concerned, considering it was the first European company that had ventured into Asia Pacific to provide life insurance services, now consists of a client database of over six million, with over sixty thousand distribution points. These were established with the attempt to lower operating costs and have been successful in doing so.

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