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Sample Essay – ING

However, this was not the case all over the world, and eventually it was known that the market growth would slow down after the peak of it was reached, and at that point the business was going to experience some difficulties as far as the competition was concerned which was going to rise too, as other foreign companies were entering the market, along with the local ones.

One of the greatest weaknesses that were seen to plague the company was the fact that since the company had grown so large it had started to experience the diseconomies of scale, where the issues of management had come into light. This was because the chain of command and the levels of hierarchy were so extended that there was a feeling of disconnection between the employees of a regional office from another. Furthermore, there was no solidarity as far as the corporate culture was concerned between the different units, which made the company seem like more of a disjointed parts of a body than a well connected one.

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