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This is an important point to consider, as international students can still leave the UK if they perceive the culture and way of life as not being consistent with theirs.  Figure 6.0 highlights the social factors that influence the decision to come to the UK for higher education, but these are not adequately dealt with in current marketing activities by the University of Bradford.  The methods used to support these activities included journals, newspapers, the internet and print material, which does serve their purpose in terms of presenting what, is available at the institution, but they still do not explain the social and cultural aspects positively.  For instance, the US has additional campuses in London and these are used to market the social and cultural aspects.

Despite this, the University of Bradford does state that they are able to meet their marketing objectives by integrating these techniques.  This suggests that higher education institutions are probably undertaking activities that will get them the minimum number required to meet their targets, and not pushing the boundaries a bit more.  However, this could also be due to the control of the international marketing by the British Council.  This is also supported by the fact that the University of Bradford measures its success on the return on investment, which is financially oriented

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