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Sample Essay

One of Toyota’s key strengths is the invention of hybrid technology which enables vehicles to switch between electricity and gasoline. This technology has put Toyota as the market leader in this field. The company has also ventured into mergers and partnerships increasing its manufacturing capacities.

One of the key weaknesses of the company is the fact that the major markets are in the USA and Japan. The current economic recessions and fluctuations have impacted the sales negatively and Toyota is now venturing into Asia and Africa. There is a lot of opportunity presented by the African and Asian markets. Inflation in Africa has led to an increase in demand for Toyota models which are cheap and economical on fuel. Recalls on Toyota vehicles have posed a major threat to the company (Scribd, 2011). There have been cases of dysfunctional parts resulting to accidents and loss of life. The company has recalled some of the products in the market and this has threatened business all over the world and the company is working tirelessly to rectify the problem with the…

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