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Ayub and Kuovo (2008) criticized the lead nation initiative for failing to properly coordinate efforts or manage expectations between Afghan government officials and lead nation representatives. They argued that this aspect of the Bonn Agreement produced “ambitious reform processes that lacked coherence and have resonated poorly with the realities in Afghanistan” (p. 652).

The ISAF was initially charged by the U.N. with helping to maintain security in Kabul following the 2001 retreat of the Taliban. By 2003, the ISAF was placed under NATO command and continued to provide security assistance exclusively in Kabul. Meanwhile, outside the capital city lawlessness in the form of a fast-growing drug trafficking problem, the emergence of local and violent militias and the resurgence of the Taliban created significant security problems for the Afghan government (Johnson, 2006). The U.S.-led coalition forces that remain in Afghanistan are committed to provide support to the Afghan military until it is capable of performing successfully on its own, while also keeping an eye and intervening in counterterrorism and counterinsurgency efforts where necessary (McNerney, 2005-2006). Since the “London Compact” of 2006, the ISAF has expanded its security reach into northern and western Afghanistan in an effort to respond to rising internal security threats.

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