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Who was Jesus? This question has been tried by a lot of people to answer but still no one has ever been able to clarify it to the full extent. Scholars and professionals all in the same way try to conclude about the Jesus. It is impossible to answer this question because in order to answer this, a series of questions are needed to be answered (Wright, 1993).

The Australian writer Barbara Thiering has tried to cut the history of the Christianity in the small pieces of jigsaw and tried to connect them so that they could join in a picture of the truth which will symbolize his perspective. She has failed to answer the question through the method she has appointed (Wright, 1993).

This method used by Barbara Thiering can easily be used by anyone to answer the question the way they like and without logic. Author Nicholas Thomas Wright gives a witty example of Rubik’s Cubes for the work of Theiring. Nicolas Thomas has regarded the work by Thiering as the opera or movie which is not able to grab the attention of the viewers (Wright, 1993).

Another Wilson confronts the argument with the help of birth and childhood of Jesus. At first he is adding the Josephus, Augustus and Quirinius studies while in the lateral part of his chapter he starts citing the written books with no concern to the history. The history is barely there in his chapter which should be the main focus while discussing the fact that who Jesus was (Wright, 1993).

In the same way Spong has been unable to justify his statement that Jesus is a divine or a human. He elaborates his perspective with the help of phenomenon of fundamentalism. Spong tells us that by what the legends are made of but what needs to be elaborated here is that why the legends were made of them? Nicholas Thomas Wright hence concludes that Spong also used his perspective to be correct rather than concerning the historical background of the Jesus and Christianity (Wright, 1993).

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