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Sample Essay – Jesus Christ

According to the theology discussed earlier, the word of God is the truth, and the Magisterium only preaches the infallible interpretation of the bible. The lack of belief in Jesus Christ as the omnipresent, omniscient Lord is failure to accept Catholic scriptures.

This was exhibited by Darek after he was incited by his Muslim friend through their frequent meetings at the neighbor’s house. Darek began being inclined to hate his Catholic religion, thus refusing to partake of the Holy Communion, which is believed to be the signification of the breaking of and consumption of bread as was done in the remembrance of Christ’s persecution during the last supper (Gaillardetz, 2003).

To the Catholic faith, this practice of breaking bread is believed to be a purification of the soul through taking the bread of Christ and taking wine as a symbol of his body and blood respectively. The Minister’s advise to include Darek in more curricular and religious activities rather than letting him join the Muslim friend at their home would be a pleasant suggestion to enable his faith to grow until he is in a position to know the difference between right and wrong.

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