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Others have also openly discussed that while the  failure of the Lehman brothers was a shock for everyone and a definite cause of the failure of the capital markets, the capital market still could have been saved if the congress and approved for a bailout plan for the company and market.

“The failure of Lehman Brothers last September was the catalyst for a massive sell off in the credit and stock markets and a general flight to safety from which the markets have yet to recover. Had the government found a way to save Lehman, the assumption has been, things today would still be pretty terrible, but we probably would not have seen the economy ‘fall off a cliff,’ as Warren Buffett said this weekend” (Surowiecki, 2009). Ahamed mentions in his article that while the bailout plan would not have been overly successful in making the market profitable, it would have helped retain customer confidence in the market if not boost it, preventing the capital market from the imminent utter failure,.

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