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People particularly women have always been supremely conscious about their physical appearance and body figure. This is becoming more and more common and males today have also joined this race. In today’s times there is competition in everything and hence people want to look good and they want instant ways to achieve that. Losing weight and losing it fast has been the biggest problem with obese and slightly fat people and Atkins diet in this context became very popular as it guaranteed a relatively fast weight loss with effort but not in enormous amount.

Atkins diet revolves around the idea of increasing one’s protein and fat intake while reducing the carbohydrates and sugary contents as much as possible. It may sound bizarre as first as to how an increased fat intake can cause weight loss. The reason behind this is that by minimizing the carbohydrates and sugar, the calorie intake of the body drops down rapidly. Also, this diet strictly prohibits mid meal snacking and its frequency hence the food consumption drops causing less calorie intake and a consequent weight loss.  Atkins diet only allows a certain category of food to be consumed, hence dieters get bored with this consistency and the idea of eating the same food time and again automatically causes their appetite to die down.  Another magic of protein and fat intake is that it fills up the body faster than carbohydrates hence a person actually eats lesser than he would in a normal diet as the satisfaction is achieved quickly.

Atkins diet has been quite successful and a lot of people have benefitted from it but I believe that’s it’s unfair to deprive one’s body of the vital nutrients that it requires on a daily basis. This actually is an artificial and a relatively unhealthy way of losing weight. Although its results are fast, its effects can be damaging and farfetched.

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