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Sample Essay

Businesses in the past had to compete with other local businesses in the market. With the emergence of the new media, and communications technologies like the internet, an effective single market has been created. Companies now have to compete with other s from all over the world. The ones which are not adapting to the changing demographics of today’s media technologies are on a back foot.

Technological advances have not only occurred in the computer industry but also in the mobile industry. In the past 2 decades, the usage of cellular phones and multiplied enormously. The current technologies which are improving at a rapid rate allow us to view audio, video contents on the cellular phones. Even in developing countries, like more than half of the population has started using mobile phones as their primary means of communication. In view of this pattern, companies have invested heavily in the development of this market. Now mobiles are not only considered as platforms for conversations but as means of storing multimedia, access the internet, capturing video etc.  News media and advertising companies have also used this opportunity to provide users with their services in return for minimal a fee, therefore making this technology a means of expanding their businesses. The evolution of the new media is taking into account the social trends as well.

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