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Sample Essay

The global community has been exposed to the diversity of the different cultures. This has lead to more understanding, acceptance and respect for the different cultural values which certain communities hold dear. Another benefit of the emergence and acceptance of the new media in the form of digital communications is the opportunity for immigrants to keep in touch with their home countries.  They can continue to maintain firm links with their home countries.

Unfortunately, the advancement of new media and digital communication and the formation of the global unified virtual culture where the interaction is rarely person to person have their drawbacks as well. The youth is at the forefront of the media revolution. It is the driving force of the information revolution. They perceive global communities and local communities has become one. Their capability to draw differences between independent reality and virtual community has become blurred. Today’s youth is not being properly trained to function on their own, independent of their virtual securities (Global Culture and Media, 2008).

It has to be noted that development and accessibility of new media and the digital communications is not universally present. The developing countries are being left on the other side of the divide. Therefore the gaps between the developed and the developing are still increasing. It is only in the developed countries that we see the global effect of the new media’s impact and integration into the daily lives of the people.

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