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One of the important tools for the new media is the blog. This term means that anyone who is anyone can write and publish his writing on the internet for others to see. The person doesn’t have to be a journalist to write. This platform has broadened the horizons of the information age. Now, the information source can be anyone. This has brought about people conveying their views about everything under the sun. The information flow has become limitless. People can voice their opinions about politics, wars, business practices, human rights abuses from any corner of the world. This brings to light awareness about issues that would otherwise be unheard of. The interaction between this new media technology and society’s appetite for information and communication has lead to rapid development in these areas.

The emergence of new media and digital communications has brought the world closer like no other time before. The world is rapidly changing into a global village. There is acceleration towards homogenization of the world cultures into one. The geographical boundaries and fast becoming meaning less and so are traditional national identities. Cultures are quickly being forgotten in the name of modernization and homogenization. On the other hand, it can also be argued that the emergence of this new media has led to access of people into different cultures.

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