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A thirty year old single, overweight female was chosen to be interviewed for this research.  The interviewee is not employed; rather, financially supported by her parents who live two blocks away from her apartment.


A client/interviewee consent form was available to obtain the subject’s permission to participate in this study and for his or her interview to be made accessible to all reviewing this research for academic purposes.

A questionnaire was developed by the researcher to be handed over to the participant at the time of the interview.  The researcher kept a copy of the questionnaire as well.  The questionnaire contained twenty questions relevant to the topic of the study: obesity at the participant’s specific stage of development.  Both open ended and closed ended questions were posed.  The researcher used a Dictaphone to record all of the subject’s answers.


The participant signed the client/interview consent form before beginning her interview in a room with comfortable sitting arrangement.  She was handed the questionnaire and asked to take her own time to answer all of the questions, some of which were open ended while the others closed ended.  She was explained that the closed ended questions would require a Yes/No response only.  The researcher carried a copy of the questionnaire to read the questions to the interviewee one by one.  All answers were given verbally and recorded on a Dictaphone.  The answers were later recorded on paper.

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