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Of Missing Persons is a science fiction story that was written by Jack Finney in the year 1955 about the main character Charley Ewell. He is a bank teller who lives in New York City and has the chance to emigrate from the earth, where he lives to another earthlike planet by the name of Verna. The story is given in form of a conversation but the protagonist, Charley does a lot of the talking and proves that he is not satisfied with the kind of life he is leading.

He gets the advice from a disclosed person to visit the travel agency and tell the proprietor that he would like to escape form all the problems found on earth. Since he is determined to leave the earth, he goes forth to visit the proprietor and in their conversation, the proprietor discloses to him of another planet, which has the inhabitants similar to human beings. The new planet is that of Verna and the proprietor describes it to have creatures that are a bit peaceful since they evolved prior to the humans. As a result, the Vernans are seen to be more peaceful when compared to the humans.

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