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It is only after he spends so much time in the dark barn that Ewell thinks that he has been taken for a fool. This shows that although he has been working in the bank as a teller, Ewell is not as intelligent as it should be. Being in the bank, one ought to be very intelligent and not easily fall into games but the game Ewell falls in shows that he is not as clever as he should be. It is from this point that one can argue that Ewell is not a lucky man since after he has gotten the chance of going to Verna; he should be able to reach there without any distortion. He should have acted as his determination proved.

After Ewell realizes that he has lost his chance, he goes back to the earth where he meets the proprietor who tells him, “You left this on the counter last time you were here. I don’t know why” (ln. 94). This can be used to prove that the reason for his travel to Verna is not clear to anyone. It is a proof that the proprietor does not see his travel to Verna of any help and he should not have thought about it even once. This shows that his life in Vena would not be pleasing to him and thus should not have left.

Although Ewell describes himself as a “young guy who works in a bank; a teller, I don’t like the job, I don’t make enough money and I never will” (ln. 3), shows that he is determined to go to a place he will be at peace. The losing of the chance brings about contradiction for it shows that he was not well decided.

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