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Sample Essay

The Vernans have the world to be more different from their observation and have thus decided to invite many humans to their planet. In order to initiate the move, they have opened as many Acme Travel Bureaus as the number of the cities. It happens that Ewell has visited one of these bureaus. In order for the proprietor to explain to Ewell the reasons the Vernans decided to invite humans to their planet, he asks, “If you saw a neighbor’s house on fire, would you rescue his family if you could? As many as you could, at least?” (ln. 58)

Their conversation is not a joke since Ewell manages to get an air ticket from the proprietor after he gives him all the money he has, “two five-dollar bills, a one, and seventeen cents in change” (ln. 82), as we learn that he does not need any money with him in Verna implying that life is easier. However, Ewell later leads to the bus station from where he has to get a bus to the so-called planet Verna. The bus takes him to “one of the narrow streets west of Broadway” (ln. 89). This is a proof that life could be very different from what is depicted at first from the proprietor’s stories. The place they are waiting for the second bus is a bit disserted and this lack of life in the place is a proof that the planet is not as good as it proved earlier. This can be used to prove that life in Verna will not be comfortable for Ewell, as he might have thought.

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