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Motivational factors contribute significantly to the not only the performance of the individual but also to the organization to which the individual is contributing (Miner, 2005, p. 132). However, despite the importance attached to motivation and its connection to teachers, there has been a lack of research regarding the level of motivation amongst the teachers on an international level and also, in relation to the English system of education which has undergone a rapid change since the 1988 Education Act’s introduction that has affected the teachers’ motivation level (Winch & Gingell, 2004, p. 26).

In the paragraphs following this introduction, the paper shall seek to concentrate in particular on the way that the teachers’ motivational levels have been impacted as a result of the motivational practices which have been introduced at the primary level schools in the UK. This analysis shall present in detail some of the ethnographic and demographic factors which have played a role in determining the motivational levels. The paper shall proceed by providing a detailed insight into some of the most elementary motivational theories and shall continue and conclude by presenting an analysis of the implications of the implementation of these motivational theories on teachers in the UK.

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