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Sample Essay – Negative Influence of Internet

Words 343

It cannot be denied that Internet is a medium that has brought about a revolution. This change has many different effects, it has made it easy for everyone to access information, it has brought people together, and it has also created more awareness. At the same time one cannot ignore the fact that the internet has very serious negative influences also.

One of the most serious impacts of internet is the availability of information. All kind of information is freely available on the internet, which may be right, wrong or even full of hate and abuse. People of all ages including children can have access to this information which may be harmful for them.  There are no major checks to control much information including pornography. It is also a way through which violence is projected and spread easily (Bell).

Secondly internet has very successfully been able to spread western culture and its values to different parts of the world, making the world smaller and also influencing local culture and traditions, as more people especially the younger generation coming under the influence. It has also become a space where a particular group, country or religion can targeted without any difficulty.  Thus more powerful countries can affect other countries, by using particular information.

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