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Sample Essay

The study describes strategies which nurses can use with victims of abuse; these include “build[ing] women’s motivation for change…and identifying new, positive outcome expectancies for change” (Boyd et.al). Substance abuse may prevent women from forming normal relationships in the future. Fowler (2007) wrote, “Theoretical perspectives on why women survivors use substances [show] increased vulnerability to IPA as a result of preceding substance use. The co-relation between drug use and violence thus puts nurses in a unique position to be able to prevent further abuse of victims by encouraging them to stop substance misuse.

The study reviewed gives to some questions concerning the relationship between nursing and domestic violence.

  1. Is it feasible for nurses to receive psychiatric education to identify and treat victims of domestic abuse?
  2. Is it the responsibility of nursing staff to provide counseling to abuse victims or does this place too much burden on an already overworked staff?
  3. Given the fact that drug and alcohol abuse go hand in hand with domestic violence, is enough being done to cure victims who are substance abusers and prevent reversion to drug use?

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