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Sample Essay – Health Care Reform

3 works cited

Length: 431 words

Abstract: This essay talks about Americans being exploited for health care. Despite paying large amounts of money, they do not receive the appropriate care.

The topic of health care and reforms is not something which is new for the people of America. This battle has been going on for many years and the Americans have been working hard to win it. We have now reached a point in time that a change must be made. No matter what the change may be, it has t be done in order for us to have something different than which already exists.

Insurance companies generally are making a great deal of profits. Despite this, Americans still do not receive the health care which they deserve; in fact it can be considered as being the poorest in the world. The amount of money which Americans spend on medical procedures is perhaps twice the amount which people from other countries spend. Countries such as France, United Kingdom and Canada spend a great deal less on their medical procedures as compared to the United States of America. 46 million people in America do not have any form of medical insurance whereas 25 million people and perhaps more are under-insured (CNN). The main purpose behind this is that employers have stopped giving their employees any type of insurance due to its high cost. Doctors, governments and various insurance companies have decided that…

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