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I find Shakespeare to be the master of not only understanding the varying shades of human psychology and behaviors but also portraying them with the same expertise. This is probably what earned him the immense recognition as a writer and a poet. In his novel Othello, Shakespeare has beautifully portrayed how the lust for money and power and the need for love affects the behaviors and attitudes of individuals and impacts their actions.

Othello is a tragic play and revolves apart from other characters around Othello, the good guy and Lago the evil one. While Othello yearned for love Lago’s motives was just to gather money and power and so his evil deeds. Like all money minded people Lago also was a selfish person and could even murder anyone for the fulfillment of his motives.  This is why he killed Rodrigo and was also planning on a brutal end for Casio as well.

Othello was madly in love with a lady Desdemona and so was Rodrigo. Lago blackmailed Rodrigo and promised Desdemona to him if he did what Lago wanted from him. This again showed Lago’s selfish nature.

The end of the story was quite tragic as Othello killed himself and his love Desdemona. His obsession took both of their lives as it was unacceptable for him to let the love of his life sleep with someone else.

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