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Sample Essay – Palm logistic 

After HP Company acquired Palm Company for $1.2 billion, it was announced that HP was out to “double down on webOS” (Siegler). The senior vice president of HP, Humphries, noted that the move they made of acquiring Palm “is a great opportunity to take two Silicon Valley idols and put them together” (Siegler). The HP Company has been facing the challenge of been a minor layer in mobile market. The vice president feels certain that by acquiring Palm, they will change the current situation and perform better in the mobile market.

Thus is a very important opportunity for the company. WebOS has been used by Palm as its strength as it is among the best operating systems in use to date. Since HP is facing the challenge of lack of development and as the vice president puts it, there is no hope of making any developments in the coming five years, by purchasing Palm, the company expects to take webOS to a higher level. As it has been announced, HP is putting efforts in “creating a connected, mobile ecosystem with webOS, and an integrated platform for mobile cloud-based services: it therefore follows that HP’s main goal could be leveraging webOS for other products and platforms” (Machlis & Musings).

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