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Sample Essay

A very common desire of people across the globe or the one thing they dream to achieve in their lifetime is to find themselves or in other words, discover themselves. This term often takes me by surprise as I am unable to understand the actual meaning of ‘finding oneself’. People isolate themselves from the world, go into seclusion, travel extensively and disconnect themselves from the normal daily life routines and upon their return they often claim to have “changed” or found the meaning to their existence which more than often is a temporary state and soon they revert back to their normal lives and its usual routines.

I find all this extremely bizarre at times and fail to understand why one needs to isolate him or herself in order to find out who he or she is. God has created this world and all of us not to let us stay isolated. It is in the interaction with everyone and the daily life and its ups and downs, happiness and remorse, joy and grief that one tends to find the essence of his personality and eventually his true self. It is this life that makes us evolve by putting us through various situations. The reason why people take a break from their everyday life, go far away and return with a feeling of having changed is merely the impact of the calm surroundings, break from life’s hassles and a temporary disconnection from the people around them. It causes them to relax, think and give time to themselves which often gets understood as THE CHANGE.

Human evolution is best achieved by social interactions and awareness of your surroundings. One’s hidden characteristics can never be revealed unless faced with challenges and different behaviors and perspectives of those around us on a day to day basis. This is what brings out the best of oneself and since it all happens unconsciously, we don’t realize that we are evolving slowly and steadily for the better or worse.

It should be kept in mind that God has not created this universe to be stagnant. Evolution is what lies at the base of this universe’s design. Things and people evolve continually and the best evolutions happen unconsciously. One can never sit with a paper and pencil and find himself. Instead he needs to go out and face the world and let it take the best out of him.

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