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As already mentioned there above, the concepts taught in university are always wide and require commitment and determination even from people with great intelligence in order to understand them. Additionally, lecturers are entitled to make an insignificant though necessary contribution with the greater part being the responsibility of the students, as evidenced by the little time for classes availed, which on the other hand is as a result of the large number of students in universities.

In this regard, having adequate time, which is enhanced by good time management, is very vital in ensuring better understanding of the concepts alongside, helping the student to cover the outlined topics, which eventually translates to good grades.  According to Weiner, a part from good class attendance, the time spent by a student to study is the distinguishing factor between an excellent and an average performer, provided the person studying is doing it, in a manner that is helpful but not for the sake of it. As such, in order for a student to perform above average, the minimum ration of the time used for personal study to that used for attending classes should be 2:1, putting into consideration the percentage of the work done in class and the one left to the students to do on their own. The more the time used for studying, the better the performance and the reverse holds.

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