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Plants are living beings like humans and animals and just like us they need food, air and water to survive. God has formulated a proper mechanism for the respiration of plants.  The need for respiration in plants is so because it causes the glucose to be broken down and release energy and carbon dioxide. All the different parts of a plant have a slightly different mechanism of respiring.

The process of photosynthesis is vital to the leaves’ respiration and causes the exchange of gases. Leaves of plants have small pores called stomata which open up only when faced by light. Each of the stoma has guard cells associated to it that are either turgid or flaccid. Rising osmotic pressure causes the guard cells to bulge out and the stomata opens up consequently. This is called the turgid condition. The guard cell being flaccid is the condition that causes the stomata to close down.

Barks of plants are able to breathe by means of surface breakages called lenticels. Lenticels provide a kind of a path for oxygen to travel through to the cells. Lack of oxygen to bark cells make them die.

Roots of the plants are under the soil so the process of respiration is quite different in their case. In order to stay alive, they need to continually receive the essential nutrients from the soil.

Hence god has created a very proper procedure for every part of a plant to obtain its vitals.

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