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Sample Essay

The practice of euthanasia would be misused if at all it is implemented and made legal. To these protestors, it appears to them that this practice would become a scapegoat for the containment of covering the medical bills that would have been incurred at the hospital. They also argue out that the practice it a very unethical one and is in a way a rejection of the value and importance of the human life. To them, there is no single individual who should be allowed to take out the life of another human being.

Looking at both this arguments brought forward by both those who are against and those who are for the practice of euthanasia, we do get the feeling that there is a very thin line between their arguments. However, assessing the two sides of the arguments, it is evident that in as much as the practice has got its downfalls, its upside is actually stronger. There are a lot of benefits that this practice would ultimately bring to the medical fields.

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