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Sample Essay – Artificial Intelligence

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The process of problem solving can be generalized in the form: Given so and so data, find the value of x.  There has been a number of successful implementation of methods which have been used to solve various types of problems such as finding winning moves in a chess game, identification of people from their photographs as well as planning of a series of moves that enables a mechanical device such as a robot to carry out a given task.

These problem solving methods can be classified into special purpose and general purpose methods. A special purpose method is one which is custom made to solve a specific problem and often use very specific features of the situation in which the problem is present.

On the other hand, a general purpose method can be applied to a number of different problems. One of the general purpose techniques that are used in AI is called Means-End Analysis.

It involves step-by-step reduction of the difference between the current and goal states. The program then chooses from a list of action in order to reduced the difference between the two states as much as possible, and this process keeps on repeating itself until the current state is transformed into goal state.

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