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The process of formulating foreign policies in the US is a complex one given the fact that it is controlled by the government of the day. Therefore, its efficiency is subject to changes whenever there is a switch to different political leaderships. The process remain inefficient because of poor observation of modern trends in worlds revolutions where many things have changed thus nullifying traditional methods of drafting thee policies. There should be proper adjustments to some of these issues in order to come up with better policies. The country needs to include thorough inclusion of all players in matters of making its foreign policies. It should do this by first including itself in working towards what it perceives to be beneficial to the world for instance in climate change. Policy making procedure should consider such measures in order to get the best out of it and at the same time eliminate any suspicions of the country being bureaucratic.

Matters on decision-making are well taken care of since there is involvement of non-state actors who give unbiased opinions to the entire process. This has improved the efficiency of the process further enabling the country come up with better foreign policies. The process should also be adjusted to eliminate any oppressive strategies such as economic sanctions and other forceful tactics that only taint the country’s image.

Giving more emphasis on nonpolitical issues such as climate change and HIV/AIDs has also shown commitment in projects that are likely to be lees influenced by politics. The process has also fought off political influence especially in security matters by ensuring that a neutral and an ideological approach has been employed at all times. This is by involving all stakeholders in decision-making, a process that has remained faulted by many sections of the American society. The entire foreign policy making procedures can be said to effective by mostly basing on past success. However, there is need to adjust most of its tactical application to fit today’s demands and serve the nations interest well.

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