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According to scientific research, the principal factor causing psychosexual differences among mature adults is their sociological bringing up and not the genetic constitution. Scientific research has proven that when one of the twins sex is changed into a female brought up under feminine conditions, she eventually grows to behave like a woman but up to a certain age. This case cannot be overlooked because the feminist movement were against the biological discrimination against women. This has resulted to a conclusion that the differences between the men and the women is as a result of the societal expectation but not their nature.

The pre-birth conditions affect how the culture moulds individuals to their personal identity. This is based on psychology, endocrinology, and biology among other factors. Once the genetic make-up of an individual is determined, even after altering the kid genes by introducing new genes, the original genetic make-up will determine the personal identity of the in individual. The personal identity of the individual is very different from the masculinity of femineity of either male or female. The cultural factors determine whether it is men who are feminine or masculine. According to Brubach, the homosexual claim their genetic make-up to be require them to behave so.

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