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Sample Essay

Every baby has it unique growth schedule and therefore individual sleep patterns should be adopted for a baby. Regular sleep pattern helps much in programming sleep times for the baby, which is more helpful as the baby adopts it. At about 3-6 months, babies are able to sleep throughout the night (Kemp, 2000, p. e47). Good sleep program should aim at embracing this culture of sleeping at night. This reduces the chances of the baby crying at night thus dispelling any discomfort that come with it.

Regular sleeping patters have been found to ensure enough resting and reduce fatigue therefore reducing chances of the baby crying. Regular sleep patterns can de induced using three methods.

The first one is the Ferber method where the mother takes the baby to bed whenever they show signs of sleep and then continue coming back and leaving even if the baby cries. Repetition of this activity leads the baby to sleep and if repeated daily, the baby adopts it and sleep whenever the time comes (e 48). Secondly, the mother may try Move farther away from baby method. This calls for the mother to stay near the bay during bedtime for two to three days. This eventually leads to baby falling asleep. When this is repeated, the baby may soon adapt it. The third and final method is the let them cry themselves to sleep. Many parents who would not want to leave their babies to cry until they fall asleep do not prefer this method whatsoever.

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